Hoël Duret
La Vie Héroïque de B.S. - Acte I : As a tribute..., 2013

Act I - La Vie Héroïque de B.S. : As a tribute..., 2013 - presented at the FRAC des Pays de la Loire is the inventory of forms. B.S. attempts to summarize a century of industrial and technical creation in a sprawling instalation but his dandyesque demonstration, because of its precariousness, finally looks more like a Palais Idéal despite himself. The composite installation, bringing together shapes and materials from post-war to today design in an typical exercise of modern architects : the Pavilion, such as the Eames couple or Le Corbusier. Objects, techniques and materials get deploys in the space with the intention to reshape some design icons, from the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, to the encroachments of Autoprogettazione by Enzo Mari, the decorative motifs of the American Craft Movement of the post-war, screens of Eileen Gray, Josef Albers designs or facade details by Marcel Breuer...

This reference collage, which carries the limits of B.S. beliefs, forms a domestic environment emphasizing the plethora of influences in a way much more precarious and pathetic than the technical efficiency that each element is supposed to be.

01/10 - Les profilés, 2013
Wooden frame, acrylic painting, 200 cm x 200 cm x 5 cm © Marc Domage

02-03/10 - Les chaises de Josef, 2013
Painted steel structure, elastic thread, mural painting, 268 cm x 81,5 cm x 50 cm © Marc Domage

04-05/10 - Les Marcels, 2013
Painted steel, wood, cardboard painted with asphalt paint, 180 cm x 32 cm x 42 cm / 200 cm x 32 cm x 42 cm / 175 cm x 32 cm x 42 cm / 175 cm x 32 cm x 42 cm © Marc Domage

06-07/10 - Eileen, 2013
Steel, wood, Formica, cork, 120 cm x 65 cm x 10 cm © Marc Domage

08/10 - Le Vitrail, 2013
Painted wood, steel, glass, black silicone, pencil, 130 cm x 90 cm x 4 cm © Marc Domage

09/10 - Le Tas de Bois, 2013
Painted wood, logs, wood glue, clamps, 90 cm x 90 cm x 30 cm © Hoël Duret

10/10 - La Colonne, 2013
Painted wood, tiles, cardboard tube, cement, 90 cm x 90 cm x 13,5 cm © Hoël Duret