Hoël Duret
UC-98 Decompression, 2016

UC-98 Decompression (2016)
HD video 1080p with sound, 15’50’’ © Hoël Duret / ADAGP, Paris 2016

The UC-98 Decompression (2016) video features two dancers and a retired professional mermaid. The interview sequences of the mermaid tales her extravagant memories from her career in a theme park. They are interspersed with phantasmagorical sequences filmed during the previous chapter of UC-98 at the Opera Garnier. This dialogue goes deeper into the aquatic worlds : fluid, liquid, digital and fantastic.

The video has been made with the support of the Pavillon Neuflize OBC / Palais de Tokyo, the National Opera of Paris, the INA and the FNAGP.