Hoël Duret
Drop out, 2020

Drop out (2020) excerpt
4K video with sound, 23’05’’ © Hoël Duret / ADAGP, Paris, 2020

Drop out (2020) is a dystopian movie, a climate-fiction filmed in New Zealand. Its narrator is there seeking a cure to climate change. He believes that as one of the last places on earth settled by humans, New Zealand may have developed alternatives to the old societies that no longer accept their dependence to nature. He starts a collaboration on the writing of his film with a group of students when confusion gains the island. The health crisis of early 2020 catches up with the writing of his fiction script and moves it closer to reality. He adapts his work and replaces his actors stuck at home with instagram avatars as a last-minute solution. Everything becomes odd. Different worlds merge in a kaleidoscopic and endless time. The climate-fiction no longer anticipates possible futures but now unfolds in our own spacetime. Our abiltiy to project gives way to impending absolute relativism. Is the title of the film its ironic answer ? Or the credo of some old LSD worshippers ?