Hoël Duret
Outta Luck, 2022

Outta Luck (2022) excerpt
4K video with sound, 13’47’’ © Hoël Duret / ADAGP, Paris, 2022

On the foreground of the video Outta Luck (2022), three young people, slightly drunk, sitting on deckchairs, are talking about everything and nothing. They are outside, it’s night, the sky is clear - and even: “super weird”. As far as the eye can see, they are facing the immensity of the universe, but they don’t contemplate it. They talk about it, and what they show us is the complexity of making sense of their personal situation. Everything goes: fake news and post-truth, GAFAM and Bitcoins, solar system and universal love… Hoël Duret uses small talks dialogues, this mechanical chatter the artist explores to face the deep mystery of existence. But their dialogues are visual and the situation is constructed like a collage as we can see, on the background, a long slow-mo sequence of collective dance-trance.
The new philosophers of the Garden may be quite drunk, ataraxia remains visible on a clear day for those who want to see it.