Hoël Duret
UC-98 Decompression, 2016

UC-98 Decompression, HD video with sound, 15’50’’, stills © Hoël Duret, 2016

- UC-98 Decompression, 2016 - is the final opus of the project - UC-98 -. It is a new film combining two sequences. The first one features two dancers of the Opéra national de Paris ballet company dancing a co-written choreography by Hoel Duret, artist, and Nicolas Paul, choreographer. The second sequence features a sixty years old woman introducing herself as a retired professional mermaid.
Body with erased identity to stand the flux of informations (the dancers), and over-acted identity (the retired mermaid), the new characters staged by Hoël Duret act like spooky incarnations of his new project about the liquid world to come.
The first sequence was shot during the performance’s rehersals of - UC-98 RGB, 2016 - and refers directly to the jellyfish story. It illustrates the flux of informations passing through them which make them unable to develop a precise thought. The second sequence is based on the real aquatic theme park in Weeki Wachee, Florida (USA), which has also been hosted a mermaids courses program since 1947.
This sequence is designed to extend the plot of the movie to the phantasmagoric relation of man to the aquatic environment even in the its weirdest pop culture aspects.