Hoël Duret
NFT pH<7, 2017

NFT pH<7, HD video with sound, 9’40’’, video still, Hoël Duret, 2017 © ADAGP, Paris 2017

The NFT pH<7 project conducted in 2017 by Hoël Duret uses its various elements, video, installation, painting, in order to pay tribute to the legacy of landscape painting but in a new perspective, in a nature now domesticated, connected, electrified. This manipulated biosphere, whose plants expanded off-ground like crops grew without soil or sun, is a mechanical organism, a neutral ground : neither too basic nor too acid, its pH ironically states the theoretical equilibrium of a purely artificial construction. Trough it we assist to the awakening of a nymph who then wander around, taking care of it, before going back to the community of men……. Acid dreams of a NASA technician or just some hallucinations, this young electric nymph watches over a 3.0 nature.