Hoël Duret
1/300 000, 2012

1/300 000 (2012)
Ink drawing, frame and inkjet printed photo, 51 cm x 71 cm
© Hoël Duret / ADAGP Paris, 2012

The anastylose is an archaeology technics of drawing every element of a building before disassembling it to understand its construction and rebuild it after having solidifed its foundations. The Baphuon is a mountain-temple in Angkor, Cambodia. It has been disassembled between 1960 and 1970, to draw and to number its 300 000 stones by the French archaeologist Bernard-Philippe Groslier. When the Khmer Rouges took control of Cambodia in 1975 they stopped the work and burned the drawings, leaving 300 000 stones scattered in the jungle.