Hoël Duret
1/300 000, 2012

1/300 000, 2012, drawing, frame and inkjet printed photo, 51 cm x 71 cm © Hoël Duret 2012

The anastylose is a technic used in archaeology consisting in drawing every element of a building before unsettled it to understand its assembly and rebuild it after having solidifed its foundations.
- Baphuon - is a temple-mountain located on the site of Angkor, in Cambodia, who’s archaeologist in charge of its repair, Bernard-Philippe Groslier, decided to unsettle, to draw and to number the 300 000 stones which compose it between 1960 and 1970. The arrival of the Khmer Rouges to the power in Cambodia in 1975 will end the construction work. They will burn the drawings, leaving 300 000 stones scattered in the jungle.