Hoël Duret
La Vie Héroïque de B.S. - Acte II : Le dilemme de l’oeuf, 2014

In act II - La Vie Héroïque de B.S. : Le dilemme de l’oeuf, 2014 - B.S. is commissioned to redraw a chicken egg to optimize its packaging and transport at large scale without loss. Working on this case, he is facing a fondamental dilemma because the natural form of the egg is perfect so the commission consists in fact to contradict the laws of nature against all logic : improving a naturally perfect shape. Driven by his faith in industrial design power, B.S. accepts the challenge with the certainty that any natural form should necessarily be optimized by techniques.
B.S. research and development studio’s multiplies scientific experiments and remodeling attempts under its control without reaching any conclusive result. Their repeated failures and his stubbornness will gradually destroy its repository formal system which constitutes the foundations of his convictions and lead him to madness.

01 & 02/09 - Les bancs, 2014
MDF, mosaic, coats, glue, acrylic painting, 2 pieces, 120 x 40 x 40 cms each © Philippe Piron

03 to 09/09 - La Vie Héroïque de B.S. - Acte II : Le dilemme de l’oeuf, 2014
Installation view © Philippe Piron 2014