Hoël Duret
Un confort sans fin, 2015

Hoël Duret's work can be seen as a critical archeology of the modern forms. He tries to find out the symptoms of a glorious past, reminding somehow an aesthetic conquest and a technological revolution, that he reuses it in his sculptures, videos and paintings. Thus, driving behind a truck in a canyon in the west of the USA, Hoel Duret sees in its load a geometric painting looking like a Bridget Riley wandering in this specific landscape. He decided to transform this pattern into a painting and shows it next to the video. In the same way, the artist films in the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India. Close to Le Corbusier’s architectures, the Rock Garden is a typical example of tropical raw art. Hoël Duret sees there the constructivist collusion of materials as diverse as molded concrete, ceramic or broken electrical components. A fascinating synthesis of advanced Modern techniques transformed by its re-use specific to a non-expert way. From it he will present totemic sculptures made of steel and paper whose fragility echoes this precarious appropriationism.

01 & 02/10 - Portant #1J, 2015
Acier, peinture acrylique, affiche blueback. 200 cm x 70 cm x 250 cm © Ivan Binet

3/10 - Portant #3V, 2015
Acier, peinture acrylique, affiche blueback. 230 cm x 100 cm x 160 cm © Ivan Binet

04 & 05/10 - Portant #2B, 2015
Acier, peinture acrylique, affiche blueback. 200 cm x 170 cm x 100 cm © Ivan Binet

06 & 07/10 - Burning chair, 2015
Affiche blueback, tirage numérique, cadre. 500 cm x 300 cm © Ivan Binet

08, 09 & 10/10 - La peinture qui roule, 2015
Toile, châssis, peinture acrylique, télévision, vidéo SD sonore 6’05’’. 200 cm x 200 cm © Ivan Binet

La peinture qui roule, 2015, SD video 720p with sound, 6’05’’ © Hoël Duret / ADAGP, Paris 2015