Hoël Duret
UC-98 The infinite speech, 2018

The UC-98 The Infinite Speech (2018) sculpture embeds Amazon Rekognition technologies to activate the UC-98 narrative.

It mimics the shape and materials of a submarine cable whose leaks of fiber optic light up and dim randomly. In its core, a glass jellyfish illuminates itself and changes colors according to the light of a video projector broadcasting a stream of images from the internet. Those images are not visible such as the many languages spoken by the jellyfish that overlap and mingle in an incomprehensible shambles.

An artificial intelligence collects the information gathered by its many sensors to interpret its environment. The set of parameters of UC-98 The Infinite Speech (2018) change according to the behavior adopted by the AI that drives it.

UC-98 The Infinite Speech (2018) has been made with the support of Takima and Amazon Web Services AWS - France.

01 to 04 - UC-98 The Infinite Speech (2018)
Blown glass, pico projector, sensors, computer, AI software, power cable, shrinkable sheath, fiber optic, LED controllers, speakers, steel. 300 x 200 x 100 cm.
© Hoël Duret / Adagp, Paris, 2018