Hoël Duret
Dis-leur, 2020

Dis-leur (2020)
HD video 1080p with sound, 3’14’’ © Hoël Duret / ADAGP, Paris, 2020

The video Dis-leur (2020) extends the film Drop out (2020) by laying the groundwork for its next chapter. The health crisis has shown the limits of prediction models based on computing power. The failure of AI suggest the use of a more sensitive form of intelligence, better able to face the challenges of our world. It is in this context that an international research group is set up to search for new model that does not stem from a mathematical system. This team, made up of mathematicians, linguists and paleontologists, is conducting its research in a cave where the study of the cave paintings of a forgotten branch of human evolution could be the starting point for a new language.